About AMA

Asia Media Academy Pte Ltd (AMA), a specialised media education company that provides a variety of media-related workshops and corporate programmes for individuals, organisations and the communities. 

Our programmes are designed to provide participants with highly experiential learning to not only discover but also develop their creativity and inner talent through film and media. We also transform them through hands-on learning experience engagements helmed by the industry specialists, practitioners and educators. At the same time, this will strengthen their character values, through cultivating positive attitudes, self expression and enhance their people skills via team work.

Our Core Values

We believe in adopting the influence of film and media as the platform for individuals to build character values while nurturing their talents. Through Applied Learning, our participants are able to impact not only their own lives, but also the lives of others through connecting, nurturing and inspiring those around them. Our tribal values which are spelt out in the “KITE” have and will carry on to effectively served as a firm foundation for us to grow and thrive over the years to come.

Why Choose Us

Kelvin Sng was a former teacher and Head of Department with the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Now an established filmmaker and film educator, Kelvin and his team of film, photography and theatre practitioners have trained and mentored children, youths, adults and seniors from educational institutions, companies, government bodies, and communities since 2008.

Co. Founder, CEO (Director)

Hoo Wee started his career in the media industry first by producing a slate of local feature films and producing award-winning commercials under his business partnership. He then move on to internationalizes his portfolio by managing Hollywood Production which had set foot into Asia namely Equals, Buffalo Boys and Crazy Rich Asian during his stint as VP of Infinite Studio. In a change of his portfolio, he join the ministry related organization as Senior Commissioning Editor / Team Lead to build and start the foundation of the media agency.

Co. Founder, Business Strategist

Glendon one of the most pioneering individual which had went through the different era of training industry, from MDIS for short courses, Public seminars and workshop to leading the sales team in one of the largest Media training provider “Singapore Media Academy”. Specialised in Developing WSQ courses and working with government sectors on requirements and structuring for market needs.

Business Development, Manager

Creative Director /
Principal Consultant (ACTA)

Operations Manager

Marketing Communication Executive

Academic Advisor /
Senior Member